Note to Self: What Do I Want?

Often times in our life we are so busy just catching up. Catching up on bills, our things to do list, what we have to do next after we do one thing, our worries of money, the children, politics, the weather, work, counting how much money we have to grocery shop, for bills, our budget, etc.. Our minds are constantly grasping at the next thing to do or worry about. We are in a mode of doing and getting things done. After a while we almost have an innate habit of running through our mind to find the next thing keeping us in a state of anxiety or worry. Our bodies are so used to it that when you do have a simple moment, it feels almost strange and that something is wrong because there have been so many moments of stress and unease. However, You must remember that your purpose here is to create, to have desires for your future and in the now, to be an artists or to express your Self in some way, any way. When we start dreaming and making lists of what we want or our goals and desires, we are creating. We are REALLY using our minds. It is these things that are the most important. We are meant to dream and have our desires, this is the new state of consciousness that we have long since forgotten. This state is your natural birthright. For without your dreams and desires, the world is being deprived of your beauty and ideas. Your peers around you are being deprived from your True essence and the ability to be inspired by you. Also, your vibration changes when your mind is focused on dreams, wants, and desires. It actually raises its Self to a higher frequency to connect to A Pure Source. The next time you find your Self grasping for the worrying vines in your mind or you feel like “what else do I need to get done”, Try making a list of what YOU want in your life.

My Deepest Gratitude,



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