The Importance of Neti

When I was in Yoga school, I hated waking up early and doing the neti pot. I thought put salt in your nose the first thing is the morning is aweful. I sometimes skipped out on this ritual of cleaning the nadis and went straight to meditation class instead. One day I was talking to my roomie and I confessed to her that I was sometimes skipping out on the neti cleanse. She said at first she had the same sentiments but noticed she felt better after keeping to it. So, I decided, out of strong determination, I will do it too.

At First there was every part of me resisting and fighting , my mind was telling me that no one was watching and so who cares if I miss out? But I wanted also to experience the benefits that my teachers talked about from it. So I fought the ego talk for about 5 days, but then something happened. I started to enjoy doing this. My meditation went along much better now that I wasn’t distracting my self with blowing my nose or anything other breathing discomfort. My sinuses felt clear and I felt that I could smell every little thing that the morning brought with it, including the dew and the fresh smell of grass, there were perks to really having the sense of smell.

Also there are other benefits to neti:

1. It clears out the toxins that you breathe everyday. With the warm salt water it actually flushes out toxins we may breathe in our air, including, dust, other cedars, and molds from staying stuck in our bodies and lungs. It helps the body not have to work so hard in fighting allergies and colds or flu.

2. The warm salt water also naturally cleans the toxins that are in your facial area thus leaving a more glow and balance in your skin. I noticed that my skin looked and felt healthier. Also I noticed when I didn’t do it, what a difference it made on how my skin feels. Nevermind spending tons on european facials, the Neti Pot is just as effective.

3. Neti helps your immune system fight off toxins such as cold or flu. When I do get a cold or flu. I actually do neti more than once a day and find that I overcome my sickness in half the time,plus, no icky stuffy nose. Breathing feels good!

4. This is also a yogic tradition that keeps your third eye clear and open. Our third eye channel is important to manifesting in the world and this practise is one that is supposed to keep this channel clear for a more conscious perception of life.

This is a great small practise to start that will improve your overall well being and could bring more balance into your life.


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