Artichoke with Brie de Meaux Sauce

Cooking in Sens


I saw a woman at the vegetable stand buying two large,  purple, globe artichokes. Because I had never cooked a purple globe artichoke, I asked her how she planned to prepare it.  She replied, “You have to cook them.”  Sotto voce:  “Dumb bunny American!”  I replied, “Thank you.”  Sotto voce:  “Ignorant French cow!”  We smiled at each other artificially as we parted.


I bought two also because I like artichokes and though not the same color as our California artichokes, I thought they looked interesting.  I don’t really care for stuffing the artichokes with bread crumbs; it’s okay but I think it’s some how too bulky.  I found this great recipe at Food Republic that I changed very little.  When you fill and broil the artichokes, you end up with a golden crust that you break open to access the rich bubbling sauce in which you dip the leaves.  This…

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