Honor ThySelf

Gratitude Notes
A Transition into BEing
Note to Self: Honor Thyself
In each transition we go through there are breaking points and moments of clarity, we tend to recognize these moments more when we learn to accept “what is” at the moment and honor the Self with the acknowledgment that we are only human. But not “only human” from the standpoint of a lower form but we are human in the aspect that we came to this Earth to experience these range of emotions and transitions from a higher spiritual calling. With each emotion, even anger and sadness, see it as a blessing that you get to fully express through your human Self. See it as an aspect of beauty in which you get to experience no matter how painful it may feel or be, experience it. This is how we honor Thyself. By fully having our experience in it’s ranges of emotion, whatever they may be.  Soon when we have our breakthrough or moment of clarity, we can see the bigger picture as a blessing and your spiritual eyes begin to open. We are here to experience our “human” life with all its “flaws”, hurts, angers, sadness, and disapointments; this is the spiritual experience of being on Earth. Honor Thyself.

published author of Flow Notes; A Collection

ReikiMaster, Pilates/Yoga Instructor
humanangelpicBlog Talk Show Host for Peace Of Mind Broadcast

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