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Honor ThySelf

Gratitude Notes
A Transition into BEing
Note to Self: Honor Thyself
In each transition we go through there are breaking points and moments of clarity, we tend to recognize these moments more when we learn to accept “what is” at the moment and honor the Self with the acknowledgment that we are only human. But not “only human” from the standpoint of a lower form but we are human in the aspect that we came to this Earth to experience these range of emotions and transitions from a higher spiritual calling. With each emotion, even anger and sadness, see it as a blessing that you get to fully express through your human Self. See it as an aspect of beauty in which you get to experience no matter how painful it may feel or be, experience it. This is how we honor Thyself. By fully having our experience in it’s ranges of emotion, whatever they may be.  Soon when we have our breakthrough or moment of clarity, we can see the bigger picture as a blessing and your spiritual eyes begin to open. We are here to experience our “human” life with all its “flaws”, hurts, angers, sadness, and disapointments; this is the spiritual experience of being on Earth. Honor Thyself.

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Intro to the new book

I’m falling, moving towards the pavement so fast yet I have thoughts arising figuring how to land. I put my arm out to somehow stop my face from crashing down first. I can’t extend my left arm. I see bone through the skin and blood. Is my arm broken? The thought of time seeming forever yet gravity happens quickly. Finally hit down, right arm down, neck tightens, but soon my cheek is embedded into the pavement my left arm plops lifeless. I can’t move. A wave of painful madness comes. Breathing incoherently and sporadic. Panic sets in. so much pain. Madness of pain.  Blood coming from somewhere. I could feel the wetness spread under my head. I feel my cheek starting to get wet. Its moving quickly. What is bleeding? A pool forms underneath my head. I see it passing my eye. I can’t breathe through my nose. Coughing in an attempt to breathe through my nose. I taste blood. I don’t want to choke.  More Madness. Excruciating madness bound pain. Okay, let me think. My reflection. Panic. Okay focus on your breath. I understand why people black out now. The mind cannot handle the pain all at once. The madness is out of control, don’t think about it. if I let it, I will be mentally disfigured for the rest of my life. Fear of going into  madness threatens my existence. Focus on your breath. Still irradict. I breathe in blood and cough. Ugh, it hurts so much. Focus on your breathe. I begin to have a breathing rythym out of my mouth. The only way that is clear. My vision blurs. Waves form in the blood from my breathing rythym. Tilt my head so I don’t choke. I don’t want to choke. My mouth, breathing through my mouth. I see the blood travelling down the pavement. People are gathering. I try to see. I lose my rythym. Focus on your breath. My vision blurs. I must stay on my breath. The pain dissipates with the breathing. the sound of my breathing regulating. The cement ton of madness lifts suddenly. I feel only the gravity of my body melted into the pavement. The pebbles of the road digging into my cheek.

Overly Sensitive is actually your Empathic gift



Have you ever been told that you are “too sensitive” or ” overly sensitive”? Do you enjoy quiet spaces more often than not? Do you enjoy more “alone” time than your friends and family? It’s like a big sigh of relief when you finally get home.

More than likely you are an Empath. This is one of the many special gifts in the world and should be seen as that, rather than a burden or just even “overly sensitive”. You can sense things on a deeper level than most and there are advantages to this when we are able to embrace this gift and hone in on it’s advantages.

First of all, if you are an Empath, start seeing this from a different perspective everyday. Start thinking that you have this superhuman ability and embrace how special you are. Being empathic is not the same as overly sensitive. Emapthic means that you can literally feel the energy of the world around you at an acute level. If you are in nature you feel relaxed which means that you feel the vibration of that nature around you. If you are around others, more than likely you can feel those, depressions, anxieties, and doubts. But instead of understanding that those vibrations are from your surroundings, you take it as being your own and then get confused. This is why it feels so good to be in your own energy at home.  For some Empaths, your ability reaches farther. On some days you may feel somber or a bit sad and not understand why. This is because sometimes, you are able to feel what is happening in different parts of the world, if it’s a major tragedy such as earth quake, tsunami’s, or something where there is mass devastation.  It also makes sense and is something to understand since we are all connected on a spiritual level.

So how do we hone in and sharpen this ability? How will it benefit us? We can simply be more aware and ask questions. So the awareness comes in when you notice when you are out and about and your energy starts to change. When you start to feel overwhelmed with your surroundings, this is probably when your empath self is kicking in. To your Self, ask, “Who does this belong to?” Notice how you feel when you ask this to your Self. You will probably notice that nervousness, anxiety, or other emotion dissipate somewhat.  If you are with a friend and notice your Self feeling a little distorted, you can feel into this and empathize with your friend and this is how you can hone in on your gift and use it to help. Not from an ego standpoint but from one of compassion because you can actually feel what it feels like and agree, “it sucks”. This gift can help you understand emotions on a deeper level and create more understanding for what is happening in the world. These things can motivate you to help change the world in a positive way. Rather than looking at this gift as a burden, you can start asking questions, step in or out of the emotions you feel, and ask how can you help?  You are an empath for a reason, you may have the ability to change the things around you. You have the ability to feel what others are feeling so that you may have compassion or help them in some way.  Now that you know these little steps this may help separate things between you and the world just a bit to give you some breathing room and time to decifer what is really happening.

Woman – An Ode (In lieu of International Women’s Month)



First and foremost I am a woman

I have an innate appreciation  for the aesthetic

My eye is drawn to the beauty in all things

I have an inherent reverence for all life

My breath is an absolute dance with life’s ebbs and flows

I understand that with each step I take it becomes a sacred communication with the Earth below

I command respect from energies that surround me

And I bless everything I touch

I have a secret language not spoken but understood by nature

I see the rain as a baptism and stand in it fearlessly as I am cleansed

I see each part of my body as its own spell I accentuate

Adorning  with jewels, tantillizing scents, or  fashion

Afterall, I am a woman

I command the wind from my lips

And listen to the calls of the Mother

I praise and support my Sisters as we recall our Reign

We whisper our dreams onto butterfly wings

And make change for better things

My Compassion grows with every lesson

And my strength knows no bounds

I create life through passion

while pray safe passing for the dead

To my Ancestors I say

I am Woman , afterall

by T.

Excerpt from a book



Gratitude Notes
A Transition into Being

Note to Self: I will not die an unlived life!

I recently came across something I wanted to share while reading “I will not die an unlived life by Dawna Markova”. It reads:

Travelling from the known to unknown requires crossing an abyss of emptiness. We first experience disorientation and confusion. Then, if we are willing to cross the abyss in curious and playful wonder, we enter an expansive and untamed country that has its own rhythm. Time melts and thoughts become stories, music, poems, images, ideas. This is the intelligence of the heart, but by that I don’t mean just the seats of our emotions. I mean a vast range of receptive and connective abilities: intuition, innovation, wisdom, creativity, sensitivity, the aesthetic, qualitative and meaning making. It is here that we uncover our purpose and passion.

My deepest Gratitude,