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For Beginning Meditators:

Meditation is not always easy. But once you can conquer the ego talking you out of it and just SIT for 5 minutes then you can go onto 10 minutes and then before you know it, you will start to understand why meditation helps. First things first though: Don’t think about it or how you are feeling or all the negative talking out of it when beginning, just do it. Just find a spot where it’s quiet and comfortable, and where you will not be bothered and sit. I recommend, in the beginning, to bring a timer with you and set it for 5 minutes. I say start with 5 minutes because in the beginning, 5 minutes will seems like 50.  The best times are early mornings and in the evening before bed. Sometimes my body will wake up at 5am and I don’t think about it, I just go to my spot and sit and I find that when doing it this way, its easier for me to go into a tranquil state. I will repeat, don’t think about it. When my body sometimes wakes up at 5am, I am not thinking, “OMG it’s 5am and it’s soooo early, and I just want to go back to sleep”. The reality is, in the time it takes you to actually go back to sleep you can be in tranquil land and connecting to something much more rewarding and spacious. I will say though sometimes after my early morning meditations , I do just slide back into bed and fall back to sleep for a couple more hours but feel totally different when i wake back up and just go on with my day. Okay so lets break down the tips below:

*Don’t think about it

*Make sure your in a comfortable place where you will NOT be disturbed

* Set the timer for 5 minutes in the beginning until you get to the point where 5 minutes is a blink of an eye

*Focus on your breath. This is a great starting point. notice everything about your breath like the temperature, the nose hairs, the in and out sensations

* Just notice your thoughts, do not let your Self run into the thought and create more dreams. Just watch as you were watching a picture show of your life.

* VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t be so hard on your Self. Every moment is a new moment to start over, remember this and move forward

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