There are a few things that help you get into a practise. If you are practising at home join a online group to help motivate you, or start with a basic sun salutation everyday, or find free yoga classes in your community. Some online yoga websites have free classes every week like and hulu has some free small classes can can get you into a basic practise until you begin to grow more confident and flexible. If you know the series of a basic Sun Salutation, do this everyday. Start with doing  2 or 3 sets. The great thing about doing the basic Sun Salutations on your own is that you can really examine your flexibility and strength on your own pace(mysore style). Be with each movement and really get into your body. Feel the stretch, notice your pose, and the way you are holding your body in each pose. This can be a great restorative into getting started or just feeling your body at a deeper level. When I was training in India we started our class with 6 Sun Salutations then later through the course the Sun Salutation were in sequence with our breathing and we ended creating a sweat and a little workout. There is also a sense of accomplishment at the end when you have finished on your own. Doing an online course is good to keep you on track, and it changes it up a little and challenges your own comfort level. Sometimes when we are pratising on our own, we can create distractions to stop so just tell your Self that you can do this and finish the class! Doing free classes in a community group helps to motivate you in a way that there are others in the class that are also having the same inner challenges and you are not alone in your pain and making the pose happen. Find what works best for you or try all of these ways and create what works best. But don’t make excuses that there is not enough time. With all these options there is time whether a little 10 minute set or a group class. After some time you will notice changes within your Self and you will see how your body has become more flexible and you’ll feel better about your Self. Think if it as “ME” time. Time for you to just focus on your body and breathing for a better YOU. I heard someone once say that they felt that doing Yoga everyday was filling them with positive energy. I think of this when I feel sluggish and unmotivated. They also said that because of doing Yoga, it helped them deal with life challenges in a more positive way.

As a yoga teacher, I have my own challenges. And sometimes these experiences that students say  to me actually help me in my practise. Take the first step and get on the mat. Then do the first pose. After the first pose, all the negative talk and self doubt begin to dissipate a little. Then ,do the next asana and then the next. Moment to moment. Movement to movement.  And this is how sometimes we must begin when we are not feeling up to it. Before you know it you will be in Sivasana feeling a wonderful sense of accomplishment. One  last thing to add is Be Gentle on YourSelf. don’t force yourself  if you can not make the pose exactly then no worries, one day you will with Practise!





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