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Intro to the new book

I’m falling, moving towards the pavement so fast yet I have thoughts arising figuring how to land. I put my arm out to somehow stop my face from crashing down first. I can’t extend my left arm. I see bone through the skin and blood. Is my arm broken? The thought of time seeming forever yet gravity happens quickly. Finally hit down, right arm down, neck tightens, but soon my cheek is embedded into the pavement my left arm plops lifeless. I can’t move. A wave of painful madness comes. Breathing incoherently and sporadic. Panic sets in. so much pain. Madness of pain.  Blood coming from somewhere. I could feel the wetness spread under my head. I feel my cheek starting to get wet. Its moving quickly. What is bleeding? A pool forms underneath my head. I see it passing my eye. I can’t breathe through my nose. Coughing in an attempt to breathe through my nose. I taste blood. I don’t want to choke.  More Madness. Excruciating madness bound pain. Okay, let me think. My reflection. Panic. Okay focus on your breath. I understand why people black out now. The mind cannot handle the pain all at once. The madness is out of control, don’t think about it. if I let it, I will be mentally disfigured for the rest of my life. Fear of going into  madness threatens my existence. Focus on your breath. Still irradict. I breathe in blood and cough. Ugh, it hurts so much. Focus on your breathe. I begin to have a breathing rythym out of my mouth. The only way that is clear. My vision blurs. Waves form in the blood from my breathing rythym. Tilt my head so I don’t choke. I don’t want to choke. My mouth, breathing through my mouth. I see the blood travelling down the pavement. People are gathering. I try to see. I lose my rythym. Focus on your breath. My vision blurs. I must stay on my breath. The pain dissipates with the breathing. the sound of my breathing regulating. The cement ton of madness lifts suddenly. I feel only the gravity of my body melted into the pavement. The pebbles of the road digging into my cheek.