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We are the Ones We have been waiting for

Recently I have been in a tweet storm over the whole Taiji Dolphin fiasco.  Earlier this year I watched a movie called Minds in the Water with Dave Rastovich (pro surfer)promoting awareness for marine life. After I saw this movie ,I was so passionate about protecting Marine life but not just marine life, all Life. I think I was most passionate about Dolphins because they are such a happy, beautiful species and do not have the ability to talk. When I lived on Kauai, I had a friend who did cranial sacral work in the ocean and sometimes she would tell me stories of the dolphins participating and helping in her sessions. I have also heard of them connecting with children who have autism. They eminate such a joy and love for everything around them. So, the season has come for the Japanese fishermen to start their slaughtering of these beautiful creatures so that they can use the dolphin meat to hunt another beautiful animal called the shark in which they cut off the dorsel fin of the shark and the animal then drowns and dies  all for a delicacy called “shark fin soup”.  On twitter the many ocean conservationist have been live streaming this killing of the dolphins and other people around the world are watching and getting outraged by this inhumane treatment and I have been joining in a tweet storm. In the last couple of nights I have been sad about what is happening and even crying as to how this is happening. Hearing the screams of thousands of helpless animals swimming in their own blood and just watching being helpless. At first I thought, what can i possibly do from the other side of the world? It seemed for a couple of days that all people were tweeting was what color of belt to wear with their new chic pants and another Selfie, how do I look pic. But I bombarded my tweets feed with this news and what I started to notice was the news got bigger and bigger and it was on CBS, then Caroline Kennedy was “deeply concerned”, Yoko Ono wrote a letter to the Japanese Fishermen, it was then broadcasted on Anderson Cooper. The later live stream was showing lots of camermen out filming to their own countries, the Japanese Fisherman were letting more Dolphins go and I assume were so embarassed they started to leave earlier in the day. I was gaining hope and clarity and feeling that this is exactly it! When we collectively get together and gain momentum on something we all care about WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! We have so much power within our Self to make change all we need is persistence. We have a voice to speak and encourage, we have the ability to create things, we stand on this Earth with hopes to make a positive impact and it is all possible! We must live with this integrity everyday and never forget that together we can make a difference and this is exactly how it should be in the world when we want change for the better. Change for our future, change for our government, change for our  Self to be in a world that will last with all of it’s undying beauty and all living beings! There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes with something you believe in and watching the walls crumble around the barriers and old beliefs. We must constantly ask ourselves, “How am I impacting the world and all things ?”



Pass Dolphins


Spiritual Snobbery

Today I responded to someone’s FB post on how they are tired of people who are in the 3D and not are the higher planes like she is and so eventhough she is “supposed” to have clients, she is not helping them. I responded to her by saying that maybe if she changed her perspection of consciousness then maybe that would change her perspective on her experience. I said this with the best intentions and also telling her that this is my perspective without any judgement. She then proceeded to viciously attack me and tell me I am a “silly woman who is shallow and unevolved”. That I have no clue to what I was saying and that she had 55 years of experience even though she was clearly around that age. Nevermind the years before you could talk or walk or go through puberty and high school. NOPE, she has 55 years! I then assured her that I am not judging her and that this was just another perspective of life. She then asked me on what basis I had to say anything, not to mention, she posted publicly on FB where if you are friends you are an open post. I told her about my studies and experience and then she attacked me again and continue to post other posts on her page about my stupidity and lack of knowledge and how I am on the “Fast track” to spirituality. Another friend of hers joined the bandwagon and said that I was antagonizing when I said that there are many paths to the “one pure source” and not one is right or wrong. This comment sent them off the roof!! They both were telling me how young and stupid I was and How they can’t believe this is how a majority of people in the world think.

For the most part I was standing back thinking, The very thing they are accusing me of is the VERY THING they are doing.And they couldn’t see it. Even for someone with 55 years!! So in essence, it was humorous. But on the other hand it was sad to me, that there is this sort of separation happening in the world. I am calling it “Spiritual Snobbery.” That we are feeling “spiritual” and saying and labeling it and announcing,” I am better than you, I am smarter and more evolved than you” Did Jesus go around saying that to people? NO, he was saying that we can do the same thing that he has done. That we are equal in our makeup. how can we move forward in the world if we are comparing our Self constantly.

A few years ago I was homeless. Maybe this was part of my path but in that experience, I was able to see the world from the outside in.  I saw how some homeless were treated and how in our everyday world we separate our Self from this or try not to look at it. How society never talks about it or pretends that it doesn’t happen to people, but it does. After that, I saw the world differently. When I see homeless people, I understand that feeling, I understand those concerns and worries, they are daily, they are of meal to meal, they are of separation. And I don’t want to participate in doing that to anyone. When I see a homeless person now, I give or buy them a meal but without judging them or making any comments just saying “hey, I thought of you” and there is still good in the world and hope.