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The Black Sheep or maybe just a “lightworker”



“The Black Sheep”. It’s what they call the person who doesn’t fit into the family or maybe the one who is a little different from everyone else. They often say that the family member is “overlysensitive”, maybe even rebellious. This dynamic plays out in families very often and through the years I hear it from many people often people that I call “lightworkers”. They just never quite “fit” into the family dynamic. There is a psychological messaging that follows being in this dynamic and that is that YOU need to be “fixed”, that something is wrong with you. That somehow everyone else in your family is normal but you are the one who is out of place. When we often find our selves in this family dynamic from an early age, we work very hard to change ourselves to fit in, we give up our God given power to survive and become accepted into the family dynamic. We change who we really are just to be loved and accepted by the ones who are supposed to be our caregivers. Often when this happens to “lightworkers” there is a high rate of attempted suicide or suicide. For most of your life you try to please and be accepted, that you completely lose who you are and your purpose here on Earth. It never occurred to you that you were “different” for a reason. That your divine individual Self was created for a specific purpose. That God did not send you on this Earth to “fit” in or be chastised for being “the black sheep”. This whole time you never realized that you are actually a “lightworker”. And you need the strength of all adversities so that you can transform parts of the world into something greater. Others who were considered different but not seen as a contemporary lightworker were models like Jesus, Buddha, Mandela, Mother Teresa, all these models actually did not follow the norm. Jesus was actually a rebel and he left his family in search for knowledge which back in the day was very unorthodox. Siddartha left his wealth and being a prince to find answers as to why there is misery and the dynamics of lifeand he became Buddha, Mother Teresa set out to do her work mainly alone and not following the advice of others because there was something deep within her to help the masses, and all of them have accomplished great feats for humanity.
When we are labeled as “black sheep” and treated differently from the rest of the family this creates a thought within the mind that something is wrong with you and that you need to be “fixed” somehow. The search for “not good enough” begins and seems never ending. The model of how you are treated is an unconscious condition and how your siblings “see” that is also ingrained within them at an early age, so it too becomes “unconscious” part of the DNA and they learn to treat you as they saw you being treated because it was the only way they learned how to. And to this day it is an interaction that is ingrained within them and so it continues at an adult level. This then strengthens the False belief of “the black sheep” when you interact with your family because all members learned what they saw and also learned to treat you which became their building blocks in their DNA and have become an unconscious pattern they cannot see. All of our adult foundations are absorbed by the age of 8.  And since you have always been the black sheep, it is difficult to make them aware of this because it would break down something they “believe” is true and has been ingrained into their DNA for how to treat you. They have never seen any other way and as Eckart Tolle talks about the painbody, the painbody controls also other benign energies as well, so the energy around you with one of them would make the “Belief True” as even the benign energy would also begin to see that you are “The Black Sheep”.
However, there is hope. The hope is that you have something called a “soul” family. This family looks upon you with great unconditional love, pride, and joy. Your soul family knows why you are here and supports you in every way possible so that you stay alive and claim your power back. That you do not need to “fit” in because in the simple most essence of it all you already do. Your soul family wants you to know that you are perfect just the way you are. You are a “lightworker”, you are sensitive for a reason. There is nothing within you that needs to be fixed. You came here as an individual that God has created so that you can express through your Self something that is very special and wonderful for the world to see. You gave up your power when you were young to survive but it is now time to take your power back and stand in the miracle that you are. Take the reigns and know that you are loved, it’s a love that there are no human words for, it is a light that shines so bright that doesn’t hurt to look at, it’s a pride looked down upon you that has never been expressed here on Earth. You are not a “black Sheep”, you are a “lightworker”, a healer, an indigo child, a crystal being, something special to be celebrated. Wake from the false belief of what others think about you and connect to your soul family and ask for guidance. This family is deeper than blood they have known you before you arrived onto the Earth when you were your lightbody, when you decided to make the decision to come to earth to help the planet. They look at you now in Awe.

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