I’m Tamara, a Yoga and Pilates Instructor and an avid meditator of 15 years and ReikiMaster; this is a little blog just sharing my knowledge and  awareness with the world. I am a published author of a little inspirational book called Flow Notes, A Collection which are short notes to help through your “growth” periods is what I call them or challenges in life. I decided to do this blog as a small project to expand what I know and what I learn with everyone with hopes that it may benefit those who read it.   As I share I hope to break the systems of false beliefs and open to a more honest mindfullness of who we are as a whole.

In my years of growth and expansion, I find that through sharing and expanding we come to know that we are not alone in this process called life. That by communicating in an honest way we find commonalities and connection. Our perspective of the world changes as so do our beliefs which in turn changes our reality.  My idea is to bring a little light and practise for a more fulfilling perspective of the moments in life.

Namaste and Blessings!


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