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Woman – An Ode (In lieu of International Women’s Month)



First and foremost I am a woman

I have an innate appreciation  for the aesthetic

My eye is drawn to the beauty in all things

I have an inherent reverence for all life

My breath is an absolute dance with life’s ebbs and flows

I understand that with each step I take it becomes a sacred communication with the Earth below

I command respect from energies that surround me

And I bless everything I touch

I have a secret language not spoken but understood by nature

I see the rain as a baptism and stand in it fearlessly as I am cleansed

I see each part of my body as its own spell I accentuate

Adorning  with jewels, tantillizing scents, or  fashion

Afterall, I am a woman

I command the wind from my lips

And listen to the calls of the Mother

I praise and support my Sisters as we recall our Reign

We whisper our dreams onto butterfly wings

And make change for better things

My Compassion grows with every lesson

And my strength knows no bounds

I create life through passion

while pray safe passing for the dead

To my Ancestors I say

I am Woman , afterall

by T.


Vegan is the new black

Vegan is the new Black. There seems to be a growing number of people shouting from the rooftops that they are vegan. People do not start conversation with “Hello” anymore. It starts with someone stating, “I’m Vegan”. In a recent conversation I introduced my self to someone and said My name only to have them answer “I am a Vegan”. I was a little taken back and then said, that’s cool, so what is your name? They answered and immediately afterwards gave me a spiel on veganism and how they are saving the environment and animals. I thought this was unusual just because in the state of things in the world there are so many other things to talk about.  I am not opposed to veganism or proposing meat or any other dietary plan that may fit for your life.  But in the scale of appropriateness this is skewed just slightly. Though it may be saving animals, it loses it’s shimmer when the ego is placed on the plate per se and its pushed in front of you to eat without any hint of interest.

Although I used to be a vegetarian for 17years and a raw foodist in my life, I never felt the need to state it to anyone unless asked or if I went to a dinner.  I do want to say that Siddartha was a vegetarian when he was an aesthetic until he realized the middle path and was offered and drank milk that was given to him from a woman who saw him starve. When I studied in India, many yogis who went into deep meditation ate “Ghee”.  Ghee is goat butter. The reason for this was because it protected their “Nadis” from the vibration and gave them a grounding sensation when deep in meditation.  In some teachings of the Buddha to his desciples; as a monk was that things are taken as a gift when it is placed in your begging bowl.  Before America was America the native Americans hunted for what they needed and also thanked the animal for their sacrifice. The story of the antelope in native medicine tells of this. The antelope offered itself as a blessing. I am using these as examples that our origin is not that of a vegan. Our teeth have incisors for the sole purpose of eating flesh. But please be aware that I am not promoting either one but I do think that we should have the knowledge of everything at hand before declaring what we thinking is right or wrong and condemning others for doing what they do. Posting saving the animals on your FB and eating meat are different things entirely.

I can say that in the world today, I do not agree with the mass meat farming and animal cruelty. I do believe that there are conscious ways of eating in the world today and if you stay conscious through these ways, you can see everything without the labels and ego based separation.


Spiritual Snobbery

Today I responded to someone’s FB post on how they are tired of people who are in the 3D and not are the higher planes like she is and so eventhough she is “supposed” to have clients, she is not helping them. I responded to her by saying that maybe if she changed her perspection of consciousness then maybe that would change her perspective on her experience. I said this with the best intentions and also telling her that this is my perspective without any judgement. She then proceeded to viciously attack me and tell me I am a “silly woman who is shallow and unevolved”. That I have no clue to what I was saying and that she had 55 years of experience even though she was clearly around that age. Nevermind the years before you could talk or walk or go through puberty and high school. NOPE, she has 55 years! I then assured her that I am not judging her and that this was just another perspective of life. She then asked me on what basis I had to say anything, not to mention, she posted publicly on FB where if you are friends you are an open post. I told her about my studies and experience and then she attacked me again and continue to post other posts on her page about my stupidity and lack of knowledge and how I am on the “Fast track” to spirituality. Another friend of hers joined the bandwagon and said that I was antagonizing when I said that there are many paths to the “one pure source” and not one is right or wrong. This comment sent them off the roof!! They both were telling me how young and stupid I was and How they can’t believe this is how a majority of people in the world think.

For the most part I was standing back thinking, The very thing they are accusing me of is the VERY THING they are doing.And they couldn’t see it. Even for someone with 55 years!! So in essence, it was humorous. But on the other hand it was sad to me, that there is this sort of separation happening in the world. I am calling it “Spiritual Snobbery.” That we are feeling “spiritual” and saying and labeling it and announcing,” I am better than you, I am smarter and more evolved than you” Did Jesus go around saying that to people? NO, he was saying that we can do the same thing that he has done. That we are equal in our makeup. how can we move forward in the world if we are comparing our Self constantly.

A few years ago I was homeless. Maybe this was part of my path but in that experience, I was able to see the world from the outside in.  I saw how some homeless were treated and how in our everyday world we separate our Self from this or try not to look at it. How society never talks about it or pretends that it doesn’t happen to people, but it does. After that, I saw the world differently. When I see homeless people, I understand that feeling, I understand those concerns and worries, they are daily, they are of meal to meal, they are of separation. And I don’t want to participate in doing that to anyone. When I see a homeless person now, I give or buy them a meal but without judging them or making any comments just saying “hey, I thought of you” and there is still good in the world and hope.